Tbilisi MB Fashion Week Review from Insiders

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Tbilisi Mercedes Benz Fashion week SS20 had ended. It was organised by Sofia Chkonia. Georgian designers showcased various collections. Fashion Week was covered positively in world press. Avtandili and Bichola returned to the catwalk!!

Looks on the catwalk illustrated the success of presented collections. Fashionistas and foreign bloggers fitted into georgian designer's latest clothes and accessories very quickly. For example, Nina Zarkua wore rose-colored jacket next day after the George Keburia's show. She decorated it with Gvantsa Janashia's necklace.

We're covering reports of proffessionals of this field
, they named their favourite collections and shared impressions with us.

  • Salome Mikashavidze,
    Fashion PR and Sales Agency NOIZY

    "Unfortunately, I couldn’t make to attend many shows, because I worked in backstage and I saw collections there. My opinion would be very subjective in this case, because I work with some brands and I can be a little bit unfair. In general, fashion week was very organized this year. I think it changes from season to season in positive way.Tbilisi MB Fashion Week Review from Insiders It is very nice. I hope it will continue this way – number of guests and status will rise, that will help georgian designers to be succeeded in global market.”

  • Tato Oragvelidze, designer

    I was watching fashion week and besides I was involved as a designer of Materiel, but Materiel’s runway was not mine. Overall it was strong season. I liked how designers approached sustainable fashion. In general, I like that georgian designers take world challenges easily and try to take into account context with regard to fashion. I abstain to separate concrete names”

  • Giorgi Cheminava,
    Brand consultant

    "Aka Frodiashvili’s show in the first day was very beautiful: location fitted perfectly. Aka’s shows make interesting the whole fashion week. Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili’s collection was very united and feminine. I like that he has his own established style, which he never betray. From Ingorokva’s collection, I would be wear a lot of things. In this season she was highlight and showed high quility as always. Also, I want to mention Dalood with its strong collection!

  • Natia Jguburia, Stylist

    "I attended about 10 shows and I want to note some of them: Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, Gvantsa Salakaia and George Keburia.. I chose them because of quality, work techniques, subtle attitude to details and pure performance. Also, I want to mention Anouki’s show, where location, catwalk, colors and music of Kancheli were perfect united and beautiful to watch. We seldom have shows like that. I hope in future more designers will create interesting shows”.

  • Theo, Look Models

    " Bichola had strong, beautiful collection. I observed my looks and they were my favourites" – said model, who presented several looks on the catwalk - "Rusadze revived old time, he had very interesting faces and was nice. I was very happy about Avtandil’s comeback this year and I think he nailed it! I want to note my looks in his collection and I wish him luck. And Bessarion was exquisite as always. “

    Thematic News: MBFW Avtandili, Bichola, Datuna and Bessarion!

  • Ivane Keshikashvili,
    Fashion Blogger, Stylist

    “I’ll talk about designers and I will note that they presented very refreshing collections. Just I want to admit that there were less spring/summer collections and a lot of warm clothes. Designers established international standards and according to this they began to make their shows. For me, the most interesting and strong collections were presented by Nino Babukhadia, Lako Bukia and Irakli Rusadze. Impressive and fascinating constructions, color palette and silhouettes were new, innovative and memorable. Babukhadias’s collection had well thought embroidery that brightened up pastel looks. Also, Lako bukia presented its spring-summer collection full of colors, prints and silhouettes. Irakli’s collection was impressive because of location. It made attractive the idea of collection.

    [b I must say that Georgian designers started to manufacture men’s clothes more actively. Some brands presented men looks. [/b] For example, Tamuna Ingorokva. Also, Georgian fashion week becomes more and more global. Showrooms are evidence. There were Georgian and a lot of foreign designers.”

  • Lali Gushikashvili,

    "It was outstanding year. I saw strong collections. Designers are more mature now. I want to wish luck all of them. I have a big hopes about next fashion week in May. I am sure they will present more strong and sophisticated collections."

  • Sveta from Indostar Bazaar, who represents georgian designers, shares with us her favourites: Lako Bukia, Lalo, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, Matériel and Babukhadia.

  • Iana Kobaladze, owner of College Store, noted that because of fact, that most of the designers are her friends, she can't name her favourites, but she wants to admit the collections of Tamuna Ingorokva, Lalo, Janashia, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili and George Keburia.

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