Lady Gaga was spotted in New York's central park.
Priyanka Chopra at the '2016 InStyle Awards' in Los Angeles.
Elizabeth Olsen 'American Ballet Theater Fall Gala' in New York.
Christine Stuart 'ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards' in Los Angeles.
Nicholas Holt was caught in the streets of California when leaving the restaurant.
Nina Dobrev at the 2016 GLSEN Respect Awards, in California.
Josh Hartnett at the entrance of the Lax Airport, in Los Angeles.
Emma Stone Bill Murray's 2016 Mark Twain Prize Ceremony, in Washington.
'The Walking Dead' bass while attending 'Talking Dead Live' at Hollywood.
Demi Lovato 'Catch LA' at the entrance to the studio was spotted in Los Angeles.
Taylor Swift will go along with friends to attend the concert Wines.
Leonardo DiCaprio Attending the premiere of 'Before The Flood' in Los Angeles.
Ashley Benson, Mitchell and Lucy Heil 'ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards'.
Jessica Alba at 'Martha Stewart's American Made Summit' in New York.
Bela Hardy Attending the Art of Color with Peter Philips event, in New York.
Sandra Bullock and Kate Blanchett at 'Ocean's Eight' rink on New York.
Rachel McCaddas and Benedict Cambertich with his wife at the show 'Doctor Strange'.
Alessandra Ambrosio, Amy Adams and Lupita Nintogo 'ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards'.
Paparazzi Photos: 20-25

Beyonce at the entrance to the restaurant was found in New York's streets.
Ryan went to work in New York Street.
Keith Perry and Drew Beromor on charity event in Los Angeles.
Jiji Hadiad 'Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando' promotion at Tokyo.
Colin Farrell was left in the Hollywood streets while leaving the studio.
Christine Stuart at the 2016 New York Film Festival, in New York.
Jessica Alba at the JA x DL961 denim collaboration, in Los Angeles.
Nina Dobrev was spotted in the West Hollywood when leaving the sport.
Dacotta Johnson was seen in the streets of New York during shopping together with his friend.
Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence Attending the show La La Land, in New York.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Billy at The Show of Love, in New Orleans.
Scarlett Johansson 'Variety's Power of Women Luncheon Presented by Lifetime'.
Rachel McCaddas and Robert Doon Junior 'Doctor Strange' premiere in Los Angeles.
Alessandra Ambrosio Attending the 'Ale by Alessandra X REVOLVE launch' in Los Angeles.
Alice Waikander and Michael FBB 'The Light Between Oceans' premiere in London.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Kotari at the premiere of 'Before The Flood' with his wife.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth 'Variety's Power of Women Luncheon Presented by Lifetime'.
Bela Hardy with his mother, 'Lyme Alliance's Second Annual' United For A Lyme-Free World "Gala.

Paparazzi Photos: 13-20

Ryan fell on the streets of New York.
Adele were spotted on the streets of Toronto with personal protection.
Kira Knightley with her daughter in the streets of London.
Jiji Hadiad at the fashion show of Paris on the show of 'Giambattista Valli'.
Alessandra Ambrosio noticed in the streets of Los Angeles with friends.
Monica Beluchi Nariita International Airport, Tokyo.
Rosemund Pike Attending the premiere of 'A United Kingdom' in London.
Beyonce Mother Tea was spotted in the apartment when she was in New York.
Josh Hartnett was spotted at Los Angeles in Los Angeles.
Kyle Jenner went to work in Los Angeles in the streets of Los Angeles.
Nina Dobrev visited one of the exhibitions at the Art Museum, Hollywood.
William Levy, Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter New York Comic-Con.
Cate Blanchett '2016 IWC at Schaffhausen Dinner Gala, London.
Christine Stuart Film 'Certain Women' premiere at the New York Film Festival.
Irina Shake and Barbara Palvin at '2016 Intimissimi On Ice' in Verona.
Dooune Cruz, Naomi Campbell and Carly Claus 'L'Oreal Paris Gold Obsession Party.
Sophie Turner, Alicia Wickner and Michelle Williams at the show of 'Louis Vuitton' in Paris.
Miranda Kerry and Carly Kloss at the show of 'Louis Vuitton' in Paris Paris Fashion Week.
Jessica Alba and mushco 'Longchamp's Maison Saint-Honoré Flagship Grand Re-Opening Celebration'.
Paparazzi Photos: 2-10

Emma Roberts was spotted at Los Angeles Street.
Tyler Puus and Bela Thorne were photographed in the studio streets.
Lady Gaga was spotted in New York when she left her apartment.
Kim Kardashian with sister Cortini at the screening of 'Givenchy' in Paris.
Jiji Hadiad and Zeine Melik Attending the screening of 'Givenchy' in Paris.
Miranda Kerry 'Milan Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2017', Milan.
Margo Robbie "JFK" airport was detected in New York.
Jessica Alba and Lily Collins attend Valentine's Show, in Paris.
Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Bosworth '#GiltLife Launch Party' in New York.
Jennifer Connelly and Ivan McGregor on 'American Pastoral' photo camera in Spain.
Nina Dobrev at The Rape Foundation annual brunch, in California.
Natalie Portman, Marion Kotari and Diane Krueger while attending the show.
Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan at the Paris Fashion Week in attendance at the show.
Irina Sheik, Naomi Campbell, Dooucne Cruz and Adriana Lima on 'Versace', in Milan.
Priyanka Chopra and Demi Lovato at the '2016 Global Citizen Festival' in New York.

Paparazzi Photos: 26-2

Kim Kardashian was caught in Miami after leaving the hotel.
Bela Hadiad Comforts with his friend in London.
Ethan Hawuk visited the 2016 Donostia Award Gala, Spain.
Rita Ora Meli was caught while leaving the hotel in London.
Sophia Bush at the '2016 Social Good Summit' in New York.
Rosie Hettington-Whitley at the opening of 'Nirav Modi' boutique in London.
Monica Beluch at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain.
Jamie Dornan movie 'The Siege of Jadotville' premiere in Ireland.
Karl Kloss along with Boefrand noticed in the streets of New York.
Natalie Portman at the entrance of the Lax airport, in Los Angeles.
Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet on Woody Allen's film.
Demi Lovato at The Social Good Summit Conference, New York.
Kara Dellevin and Ember Hardy were caught in the streets of London.
Nikolai Koster-Waldau and Ben Barnes 'Emmy Awards After Party' in Los Angeles.
Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz 'I'm One Among One Hundred Thousand' premiere.
Doosec Cruz with his wife, '10th annual Clinton Global Citizen Awards', in New York.

Paparazzi Photos: 15-19

Emma Roberts Noticed NBC 's studio in New York.
Lady Gaga was spotted at the entrance of her apartment in New York.
Adriana Lima at 'Back To School Fundraiser' in New York.
Irina Sheik with her friend leaving the New York Fashion Week.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye Waesta were detected while leaving the building in Miami.
Rosetti Hettington-Whitley was taken out of the hotel in New York.
Seyin Melik and Jiji Hadiad during the '2016 London Fashion Week'.
Kendall Jenner and Bela Hadady with Jiji Hadiad's apartment in New York.
Norman Rudus went on a business meeting in New York's streets.
Miley Cyrus 'Crisis in Six Scenes' at the premiere of New York City.
Kira Knightley at 'Culture Chanel Exhibition Opening', in Venice.
Sophia Vergara, Priyanka Chopra and Emily Ratajkovski '2016 Emmy Awards'.
Ryan Giorgio Balde's restaurant at the entrance to Santa Monica in the streets.
Rooney Mara at the premiere of 'Una' at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.
Kit Harrington, Emilia Clark and Sophie Turner 'Emmy Awards' in Los Angeles.
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas With the 'TCL Chinese Theater' fans in Hollywood.
Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth 'The Dressmaker' in a closed show in New York.
Marion Kotari and Garper Yulian at the premiere of 'It's Only the End of the World' in Paris.

Paparazzi Photos:: 13-18

daughter of Uma Turman and Ethan Hawk of the actresses [b] Maya hook became an advertising form of ALLSAINTS [/b]. An 18-year-old girl from the Varskor family is another cool-kid who has been chosen as an outstanding brand, the Maya ALLSAINTS's 2017 Summer Campaign. In a minute-and-a-half-video video, in the home of Maya's home - near New York, Woodscock was shot in [AL] ALLSAINTS dresses and dressed in bombers. Hollywood's free-to-play free spirit is the image of a girl, the name of the video [b] Far From Here Close to nature and naturalness.


The 21-year-old model Jiji Hardy, who is the daughter of the former model and "famous housewife" Yolanda Foster, has always paid attention to the influential family. Today he is a successful model, a true style icon and a millionaire for his successful model career. Magazine Forbes named the 5th place among the highest paid models in 2016. What is the secret of his success? Besides the wonderful appearance of the girl, the girl is going to have an interesting life style, friends with famous people and distinguishes her dress. The jigsaw has a really amazing style, during the busy days, it can have a completely different style seals.

The most recent street wear trendy outfits for Jiji Hardy


Brazilian model Jacques Oliveira is a risky star in America. The girl is chocolate with her hair and long legs, we have a great taste and great taste and supermodel's body lasts us to classify its style between chic and hipster.

She often does not like Nasty Gal, American Apparel, RAT & BOA, For Love & Lemons, GCDS, KTZ, UNIF does not save money on famous brands Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, CHLOE bags. Her favorite accessories are black choker and matte-tipping natural tones, simple oversized t-shirts with branded inscriptions in the vintage style.


Unique filmmaking on big screens is just one day - September 8th!
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Documentary Film / Concert

Directed by Andrew Dominick, Nick Keev and Band The Bad Seeds, in a serious process of working on a new music album, the song is picturized on each song from the new album. Documentaries, interviews, and flashbacks are attached to the narrative itself, the musician speaks about his creative inspirations, emotions and obstacles. The recording and filming began in 2014, and the director will present these footage in 3D format on black-and-white tape. On September 8, a documentary film will be screened in 650 cinemas around the world, only for 1 day! From the next day, the album will go on sale. The viewer will be able to evaluate Nick Kay's new album "Skeleton Tree" before his official launch!

Cinematography in Georgia Cavea Tbilisi Mall will be hosted in 3D format
8 September21:00 Price: 21 LariENG 3D


The Forbes list of the highest paid models in 2016 was released and the Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundhhen, who has already left the podium for 14 years, has already left the podium but is still actively involved in advertising campaigns. It is followed by Brazilian bombardier Adriana Lima, although nobody can win a decent competitiveness on financial success. At $ 30.5 million in 2016, Adriana earned only $ 10.5 million in the last year. Carly Closs and Kendall Jener also have young models of $ 10 million. Jiji Hadiad first came into the list with $ 9 million contracts, equal to Rossi-Huntington Whitley, and overcame Karate Delawin and Kate's Swinfo (which is pregnant and for this reason has recently moved from business). 2016 was also a good year for model Barbara Palvine, Jasmine Tucks, Taylor Hill and Lily Aldridge, for the first time they took position in the Forbes Analytical Top-15.


Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in the streets of Malibu.
Ryan and Drake were caught when leaving the party in Miami.
Beyonce and Blue Eye were spotted in New York streets.
Amanda Seyfried at the latest movie shooting in New York.
Sophie Turner on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been spotted in the streets of Malibu.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye Weege were spotted by fans in Toronto.
Barbara Palmine and Emma Stone at the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival.
Kendall Jener went to Lanch in the streets of Western Hollywood.
Diane Krieger and Khloe Gray Mores at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
Jiji Hadiad at the 'Bread & Butter by Zalando' event at Berlin.
Jamie Dornan and Silen Murphy in the movie 'Anthropoid' premiere in Dublin.
The Taylor Swift took a business meeting in New York's streets.
Teresa Palmer and Andrew Garfield at the premiere of 'Hacksaw Ridge' in Venice.
Nina Dobrev at The Ultimate Fan Experience Call Of Duty Event, Los Angeles.
Caiell Jenner, along with Boyfriend at one of the Hollywood parties, in Los Angeles.
James Franco and Ashley Greene at the premiere of "In Dubious Battle" at the Venice Film Festival.

[b]Miley Cyrus[/b] with her mother in a restaurant in California.
[b]Barbara Palvin[/b] Within the Venice Film Festival, Italy.
[b]Emma Stone[/b] is in Italy within the framework of the Venice Film Festival.
[b]Jennifer Lopez[/b] on the scene of the action show in New York.
[b]Adele[/b] were spotted in Santa Monica's streets, in California.
[b]Christine Stuart[/b] along with a girlfriend in the streets of Los Angeles.
[b]Alessandra Ambrosio[/b] while leaving Bruntwood in California, in California.
[b]Beyonce and Blu Ayi[/b] '2016 MTV Video Music Awards', in New York.
[b]Ryan and Drake[/b] were caught in the streets of New York.
[b]Charlie Haunami[/b] was spotted in Los Angeles, while leaving the field.
[b]Jamie Dornan and Silen Murphy[/b] 'Anthropoid' premiere in London.
[b]Kara Dellein[/b] noticed the entrance at the Lax airport in Los Angeles.
[b]Lana Del Rey[/b] walked to Lanch in the streets of Western Hollywood.
[b]Ema Roberts and Ivan Pieters[/b] were spotted at Los Angeles Street.
[b]Kim Kardashian and Kane Wests [201] MTV Video Music Awards, New York.
[b]Taylor Hill and Naomi Campbell [201] MTV Video Music Awards, New York.
[b]Rita Ora, Ariana Grande and Hamil Steinfeld[/b] '2016 MTV Video Music Awards'.
[b]Holland Rowden, Dylan Spreyber and Shelley Henning [201] MTV Video Music Awards.
Paparazzi Photos: 27-30

Emma Roberts was spotted at Los Angeles Street.
Ryan was left in the streets of New York when leaving the hotel.
Rita Ora walked to New York City.
Milla Kunis noticed a boyfriend's boyfriend in California.
Kim Kardashian playing with his friends in tennis, in Mexico City.
Kendall Jenner traveled to Lanch in Los Angeles on the streets.
Jessica Alba was left in the streets of New York when leaving the hotel.
Taylor Hill was seen with Beefrind in Beverly Hills streets.
Jessica Billy was remembered when leaving the YOG Center in the Studio City.
Chanel Imani noticed that they walked to lunch with friends in Hollywood.
Alessandra Ambrosio Noticed by the boutique of Isabelle Maranti, in California.
Sarah Sambaya along with Boefrand on the Seint Tropez in France.
Bela Hadiad was reported to the nightclub in western Hollywood.
Margo Robbie and Will Smith were spotted in the Lax's Aeroplo, in Los Angeles.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Fischer Stevens leaving the studio in New York.
Taylor Swift was spotted in New York when leaving his apartment.
Jennifer Lopez on the television show Shades of Blue.
Nicole Shininger 'The X Factor UK: Season 13' photo camera in London.
Cameron Dais and Nicole Ritchie leaving the beauty center in Los Angeles.
Leighton Mister and Adam Brody on the TV show's party in Los Angeles.
Paparazzi Photos: 21-25

Britney Spears was caught while leaving the coast of Kaua.
Irina Sheik were together with friends on the coast of Sardinia.
Lady Gaga Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday Party in New York.
Nina Agdalli walked with friends on the streets of New York.
Taylor Swift was spotted in New York when leaving his apartment.
Nicholas Holt at his premiere 'Collide' premiere in Germany.
Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima at the 'Brazil Foundation Ball'.
Jamie Dornan and Silen Murphy film 'Anthropoid' premiere in New York.
Orlando Blum and Kate Perry noticed at the Sardin coast.
Diane Krueger The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's studio in New York.
Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jason Moya
'Suicide Squad' premiere in London.
Priyanka Chopra and Sarah Jessica Parker '20th Anniversary Celebration of the ACE Awards'.
Kim Kardashian at # BlogHer16 Experts among Us Conference, in Los Angeles.
Paparazzi photos: 1-8
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