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Kendall Jenner Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2016
Kendall Jenner Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2016
Kendall Jenner Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2016

Kendall Jenner hit Harper's Bazaar on the cover of June / July. In front of Karl Lagerfeld's lens, Kendall posed with balmine, Michael Cors and Chanel's swimming suits. Together with the photos, there is an interview with the model and photographer in which Kendall recalls his first meeting with Lagerfeld.

The first time I met him two years ago, I was very nervous because the first season for me was Chanel's first show and I really did not know what I was doing. Generally I am very shy when I meet someone for the first time. I know from Kare Dellein about how kind of funny and just a cool type. And now every time we work together, our relationship becomes more and more improved

Kendall described the journalist's request by Carly, saying: "Funny, legendary, I wanted to say Ikon, but I think legendary and aikon already mean each other"
Karl Lagerfeld spoke about Kendall and said that he did not know him before: "I did not know who it was, but he came to me, but with a big future, very good emotion and feelings come from him, and I do not feel it with everyone and I see it very well. Warm person ".

Kendall Jenner Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2016Kendall Jenner Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2016

Category: Photos

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