Young model Jiji Hadiad, who stormed the fashion world in recent years, has become more and more influential in the fashion industry. Famous insta-girl and IT girl's cult brand Tommy Hilfiger's autumn-winter is a promo of 2016. Initially we saw the fragrance of 'The GIRL' in the advertisement, the main motif of which is a sailor's theme. Then we were told that when the collection of Tommy Hilfiger for the current season, the famous American brand designed the design of Jiji's personal style.


Kenzo's new fragrance provocative and dynamic commercials from Oscar's director Spike Jonze.
Kenzo World A new fragrance for young and freestyle young actresses, the actress Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers), features an upscale dress in the commercials, choreographed by Ryan Heffington, also a choreographer for Sia's famous "Chandelier".


Brazilian model Jacques Oliveira is a risky star in America. The girl is chocolate with her hair and long legs, we have a great taste and great taste and supermodel's body lasts us to classify its style between chic and hipster.

She often does not like Nasty Gal, American Apparel, RAT & BOA, For Love & Lemons, GCDS, KTZ, UNIF does not save money on famous brands Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, CHLOE bags. Her favorite accessories are black choker and matte-tipping natural tones, simple oversized t-shirts with branded inscriptions in the vintage style.


Unique filmmaking on big screens is just one day - September 8th!
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Documentary Film / Concert

Directed by Andrew Dominick, Nick Keev and Band The Bad Seeds, in a serious process of working on a new music album, the song is picturized on each song from the new album. Documentaries, interviews, and flashbacks are attached to the narrative itself, the musician speaks about his creative inspirations, emotions and obstacles. The recording and filming began in 2014, and the director will present these footage in 3D format on black-and-white tape. On September 8, a documentary film will be screened in 650 cinemas around the world, only for 1 day! From the next day, the album will go on sale. The viewer will be able to evaluate Nick Kay's new album "Skeleton Tree" before his official launch!

Cinematography in Georgia Cavea Tbilisi Mall will be hosted in 3D format
8 September21:00 Price: 21 LariENG 3D


The main trend of autumn - velvet

We are looking forward to the cooling of the autumn to replicate the beautiful velvet (bharhat, velvet) trends we have seen on the podium of Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Alberta Ferretti and many other famous designers. Velvet material accessories will also be active: necklace-choker or shoe. The richness of this material is characterized especially in blue and green tones, the youth will be in the bass wistid tone. Try to combine this expensive material and combine simple t-shirts or jeans to introduce the daily street wear to the wardrobe.


The Forbes list of the highest paid models in 2016 was released and the Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundhhen, who has already left the podium for 14 years, has already left the podium but is still actively involved in advertising campaigns. It is followed by Brazilian bombardier Adriana Lima, although nobody can win a decent competitiveness on financial success. At $ 30.5 million in 2016, Adriana earned only $ 10.5 million in the last year. Carly Closs and Kendall Jener also have young models of $ 10 million. Jiji Hadiad first came into the list with $ 9 million contracts, equal to Rossi-Huntington Whitley, and overcame Karate Delawin and Kate's Swinfo (which is pregnant and for this reason has recently moved from business). 2016 was also a good year for model Barbara Palvine, Jasmine Tucks, Taylor Hill and Lily Aldridge, for the first time they took position in the Forbes Analytical Top-15.


DIOR's ambassador, 26-year-old actor Jennifer Lawrence presents the brand autumn-winter of 2016 bags. The actress has been collaborating with legendary brands since 2013, with the latest campaign, Patrick Demarchelier, with an amazingly sophisticated and elegant Jennifer Dior Diorama and Diorever modeling bags decorated with updated prints and scarves.


The TOPSHOP's Fall-In 2012 collection is a young model and instrument-star Taylor Hill. The American model was photographed by the photographer Giampaolo Sgura in New York City, and Taylor displayed a cool girl attitude on the roof of the show and oversized jeans, vintage jackets and duo kurtaka, sports hoodie and woven gemmers.


Dutch blonde blonde Dowchen Crisy presents German brand HUNKEMÖLLER's linen collection. Successful cooperation of the brand and model also included the name of the collection 'DOUTZEN'S STORIES'



Rossi-Huntington Whitley Positions for Brazilian Elle The British Supermodel ELLE dedicated two alternative cover papers of September. The photographer was David Bellemere, one of the roses of Burberry's floral dress, and Valentino's shining evening dress. Stylist Marcell Maia Rossi Dior, Versace, Balenciaga's latest collections from the collections.


Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in the streets of Malibu.
Ryan and Drake were caught when leaving the party in Miami.
Beyonce and Blue Eye were spotted in New York streets.
Amanda Seyfried at the latest movie shooting in New York.
Sophie Turner on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been spotted in the streets of Malibu.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye Weege were spotted by fans in Toronto.
Barbara Palmine and Emma Stone at the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival.
Kendall Jener went to Lanch in the streets of Western Hollywood.
Diane Krieger and Khloe Gray Mores at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
Jiji Hadiad at the 'Bread & Butter by Zalando' event at Berlin.
Jamie Dornan and Silen Murphy in the movie 'Anthropoid' premiere in Dublin.
The Taylor Swift took a business meeting in New York's streets.
Teresa Palmer and Andrew Garfield at the premiere of 'Hacksaw Ridge' in Venice.
Nina Dobrev at The Ultimate Fan Experience Call Of Duty Event, Los Angeles.
Caiell Jenner, along with Boyfriend at one of the Hollywood parties, in Los Angeles.
James Franco and Ashley Greene at the premiere of "In Dubious Battle" at the Venice Film Festival.

Sali Pangani SPCS ™
Georgian Fashion Designer

Nuki Koshkhelishvili, Tika Jamburia, Ruska swallowed, Nini Karseladze, Eco Fanagani and many other famous faces are a talented Georgian designer Sally Fangan's wardrobe. Sally participated in the "Nummers" competition in the fashion week of Tbilisi in 2014. From the very beginning she was distinguished with individualism and sophistication.Destinho is the name of her new collection that does not leave anyone indifferent, the college is minimalist and sophisticated, that is why it is in demand and well-known critics are positively They appreciate his works Nee is the main draw of the collection that marks beauty and sophistication.


[b]Miley Cyrus[/b] with her mother in a restaurant in California.
[b]Barbara Palvin[/b] Within the Venice Film Festival, Italy.
[b]Emma Stone[/b] is in Italy within the framework of the Venice Film Festival.
[b]Jennifer Lopez[/b] on the scene of the action show in New York.
[b]Adele[/b] were spotted in Santa Monica's streets, in California.
[b]Christine Stuart[/b] along with a girlfriend in the streets of Los Angeles.
[b]Alessandra Ambrosio[/b] while leaving Bruntwood in California, in California.
[b]Beyonce and Blu Ayi[/b] '2016 MTV Video Music Awards', in New York.
[b]Ryan and Drake[/b] were caught in the streets of New York.
[b]Charlie Haunami[/b] was spotted in Los Angeles, while leaving the field.
[b]Jamie Dornan and Silen Murphy[/b] 'Anthropoid' premiere in London.
[b]Kara Dellein[/b] noticed the entrance at the Lax airport in Los Angeles.
[b]Lana Del Rey[/b] walked to Lanch in the streets of Western Hollywood.
[b]Ema Roberts and Ivan Pieters[/b] were spotted at Los Angeles Street.
[b]Kim Kardashian and Kane Wests [201] MTV Video Music Awards, New York.
[b]Taylor Hill and Naomi Campbell [201] MTV Video Music Awards, New York.
[b]Rita Ora, Ariana Grande and Hamil Steinfeld[/b] '2016 MTV Video Music Awards'.
[b]Holland Rowden, Dylan Spreyber and Shelley Henning [201] MTV Video Music Awards.
Paparazzi Photos: 27-30

Emma Roberts was spotted at Los Angeles Street.
Ryan was left in the streets of New York when leaving the hotel.
Rita Ora walked to New York City.
Milla Kunis noticed a boyfriend's boyfriend in California.
Kim Kardashian playing with his friends in tennis, in Mexico City.
Kendall Jenner traveled to Lanch in Los Angeles on the streets.
Jessica Alba was left in the streets of New York when leaving the hotel.
Taylor Hill was seen with Beefrind in Beverly Hills streets.
Jessica Billy was remembered when leaving the YOG Center in the Studio City.
Chanel Imani noticed that they walked to lunch with friends in Hollywood.
Alessandra Ambrosio Noticed by the boutique of Isabelle Maranti, in California.
Sarah Sambaya along with Boefrand on the Seint Tropez in France.
Bela Hadiad was reported to the nightclub in western Hollywood.
Margo Robbie and Will Smith were spotted in the Lax's Aeroplo, in Los Angeles.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Fischer Stevens leaving the studio in New York.
Taylor Swift was spotted in New York when leaving his apartment.
Jennifer Lopez on the television show Shades of Blue.
Nicole Shininger 'The X Factor UK: Season 13' photo camera in London.
Cameron Dais and Nicole Ritchie leaving the beauty center in Los Angeles.
Leighton Mister and Adam Brody on the TV show's party in Los Angeles.
Paparazzi Photos: 21-25

[b]Charlie Haunami was shown on the streets of Beverly Hills.
[b]Margo Robbie[/b] along with friends in the streets of London.
[b]Ryan[/b] performing Performance at the 2016 V Festival, England.
[b]Lady Gaga[/b] was left in the streets of New York when leaving the studio.
[b]Miranda Katy[/b] at the beach of Malibu on the photo shoot.
[b]Kendall Jenner[/b] was caught while leaving the restaurant in California.
[b]Kim Kardashian[/b] Along with friends and her daughter in Mexico City is resting.
[b]Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agadali[/b] were spotted in New York's streets.
[b]Kyle Jener[/b] was seen at a business meeting in California.
[b]Mila Kunis and Ashton Catcher[/b] were spotted in Los Angeles.
[b]Natalie Portman[/b] Attending the 'AOL Build Series event' in New York.
[b]Beyonce and Jay-Z[/b] leave the hotel with friends in Italy.
[b]Jennifer Lopez[/b] '2016 Apollo In The Hamptons Benefit' in New York.
[b]Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield[/b] noticed in the streets of London.
[b]Kristen Stuart[/b] along with a girlfriend in the streets of California.
[b]Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth[/b] were spotted on the streets of Malibu.
[b]Irina Sheik[/b] Noticed in the streets of West Hollywood when leaving the field.
[b]Natalie Dormier[/b] 'World Humanitarian Day: One Humanity Event' in New York.
[b]Jessica Alba and Jason Stottheim at the premiere of the film with Rosie Heatington Whitel[/b].
[b]Tom Heidelstron and Chris Hemsworth[/b] at 'Thor: Ragnarok' pitch, Australia.
Paparazzi photos: 16-22
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