Gucci-მ has been entrusted with the Chinese actress NI to present a glass collection collection for the summer of 2017. The campaign will start from the next month in Asian countries. The actress, as modeled by the neon lights, is positioned in a car in the car. His personal world is decorated with feminine accessories and jewelry style, and its glasses are a simple sophisticated fashion.


Tom Hardy was caught while leaving New York airport.
Kendall Jenner was spotted in Los Angeles Street.
Paul Wesley and Fibi Tonkin leave the airport, Sydney.
Lady Gaga and Elton John were spotted in Los Angeles.
Jessica Alba at the Baby2Baby Holiday Party, in California.
Demi Lovato noticed the way to attend the party in California.
Monica Beluch Attending the 'On the Milky Road' premiere in Moscow.
Ryan Giorgio Balde's restaurant was spotted in Santa Monica.
Alessandra Ambrosio along with his son at the coast of Brazil.
Irina Shake and Stella Maxwell were seen in the streets of California.
Adriana Lima Attending Lekerson's match with friends in New York.
Isabelle Gulart with Boefrand on the Seint Bartz Coast, France.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt 'Passengers' premiere in South Korea.
Norman Rudius at the exhibition of his photos, Diane, together with Kruger, in Paris.
Natalie Portman at the Huading Global Film Awards, in Los Angeles.
Bella Hadid Attending the Paper magazine cover launcher party in New York.
Scarlett Johansson with his wife at 'Yummy Pop's opening party' in Paris.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with the children at the opening of the Ryan Star.

Paparazzi Photos: 15-25

Ryan fell on the streets of New York.
Ema Roberts and Ivan Pieters were spotted in the Los Angeles streets.
Shakira within its new fragrance promotion in Brazil.
Chanel Imani was noticed at the business meeting in New York's streets.
Nina Dobrev with friends on the coast of Brazil.
Lady Gaga '2016 The Fashion Awards' red carpet, in London.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on the screening of 'Passengers' in New York.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling at La La Land's premiere in Los Angeles.
Charlie Haaney was spotted in a shopping mall along with a girlfriend in California.
Adriana Lima at the entrance to Wendy Williams's studio in New York.
Marion Kottier and Michael FBB 'Assassin's Creed' photo camera at Paris.
Jiji Hardy, Carly Claus and Joan Smols 'The Fashion Awards', in London.
Natalie Portman and Robert Pattinson 'L.A. Dance Project Gala, in Los Angeles.
Justin Timberlake, Jessica Billy and Ivan Rachel Wood '22nd Critics' Choice Awards'.
Paparazzi Photos: 7-14

Avtandil Spring/Summer 2017 RTW
The theme of the collection of the 2017 designer is "I love you"
The show was specially designed for foreigners and journalists in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Avtandil Tskvitinidze: "I have given this season love, all in its conversion, that is, as it happens, clean, clear, white, then comes sad times, then the boboker ... is absolutely all the color of the game. From the white to the fate of the bob. It was such an aggression in the last period of time, and I think it's time to tell each other that we love one another."


Lalo Spring/Summer 2017
Ready-To-Wear Collection. MBTFW

Georgian fashion designer Lalo Dolidze presented an independent collection on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Designer Sisters, who have been named by Graduated Knitted Jeppers, are producing one of the most selling products from Georgia on behalf of Lalo. Lalo continues to wear the knot, it is clear that the complete collection will benefit greatly.


Adele was spotted in Santa Monica's streets.
Adriana Lima On the charity evening of Madonna, in Miami.
Jessica Chestini at the show 'Miss Sloane' in New York.
Irina Sheik The next party of the 'Victoria Sick' show in Paris.
Lady Gaga Fan's surroundings when leaving the nightclub in London.
Prince Harry and Ryan in charity event in Barbados.
Kyle Jener and Tygaa to attend the event on the Miami streets.
Natalie Portman Attending the film 'Jackie' premiere in Washington.
Selena Gomez was caught while leaving the restaurant in western Hollywood.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt 'Passengers' photo-camera in Berlin.
Shakira with her husband and children at Los 40 Music Awards, in Barcelona.
Marion Kottier and Michael FBB 'Assassin's Creed' photo camera in Berlin.
Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Ann Haitewey and Kate Blanchett 'Ocean's Eight'.
Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bela Hadid on the next party show of 'Victorias Secret'.
Michael Faybess and Jamie Dornan with his wife at 'British Independent Film Awards'.
Tom Heidlerton, Benedict Kamberbet and Sophie Turner 'Sky Women in Film & TV Awards'.
Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted at the Atlas' screening show in Los Angeles.
Paparazzi Photos:  3-4

Lady Gaga was reported on the streets of New York.
Brad Pitt and Marion Kotari at 'Allied' premiere in Madrid.
Bar Raphael at the 'Moet & Chandon Party' in Madrid.
Angels of 'Victorias Secret' were spotted at the Paris airport.
Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper on the screenings of 'La La Land' in Los Angeles.
Liam Payne and Sheri Cole on 'Fayre of St James' event in London.
Rihanna at the 'Footwear News Achievement Awards' in New York.
Jessica Chestini was spotted in the latest film shooting scene in Canada.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas walked on the streets of Los Angeles.
Selena Gomez at the entrance of Lax's airport in Los Angeles.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt film 'Passengers' press tour in Paris.
Adam Levin and Beat Prinslow Attending Leekers at Los Angeles.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Billy along with her son noticed in the streets of New York.
Shakira and Piqui with the family 'Catalan Federation awards gala' in Barcelona.
Marion Kotari and Michael FBB at Assassin's Creed 'Promotion at Sydney.
Kate Perry and Orlando Bloom at UNICEF Snowflake Ball, in New York.
Natalie Portman '2016 Gotham Independent Film Awards, in New York.
Amy Adams, Ethan Hawkey, Kate Bekinsael and Margo Robbie 'Gotham Independent Film Awards'.
 Paparazzi Photos: 21-29

Love begins from Adam and Eve, storied by Romeo and Juliet,played by Jack and Rose, continued by You and me.
Can you even imagine what life would be like without music?
morning would be better if i woke up next to you.
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