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„ოქროს ტალღა 2015“ 23 ივნისს გაიმართება

"Golden Wave 2015" will be held on June 23

On June 23, the song award ceremony will be held in "Otiom". The musical contest, which was established by Radio Holding "Fortuna", is already a third time. In 2014, the song "Waterfall", Nodiko Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani performed by Ani Jokhadze in 2015 - "Gana, every woman is a woman".

Head of Public Relations Department of Radio Holding Tamar Sadradze said at the Press Conference that "Fortunam" was a song contest that helped to popularize Georgian songs, to appreciate the work of musicians and show young musicians. According to him, the winner of the year's song and other nominations will be chosen by the competent jury, chosen by people's chosen internet surveys, radio stations will have their own favorites. The winner of the year song category will be awarded with a prize of 5,000 GEL.

"On June 23, we will host a lot of representatives of Georgian show business in" Otumi ". We will summarize music by this award in 2015, and we think that we will give a stimulus to the members of the show, create more new Georgian songs, which are of great interest to our holding radio stations ", - said Davit Saadradze.

Radio "Fortuna" Manager Nata Kharashvili noted that with the song of the year, the competent jury will select the winners in the following nominations: the year old singer, the year old singer, the duet of the year, the year of the year, the ensemble of the popes of the year, the old town song, the year of the debut, Discovering, reward for contribution to music development. In addition, radio stations "Fortuna", "Fortuna Plus", "Do not Dideardo" and "Autoradio", as well as TV Company "Musikbox" will be named by their favorites. Internet polls will be chosen by people.

The winner of "Golden Wave 2014" Anri Jokhadze thinks that competition is the best way to support the musicians and musicians. "The discovery of my own among the nominees was very pleasant, I did not expect victory and was very good. "Is every woman a woman ?!" The hit of the year was really. It is a pleasure when the jury composed of professional people assesses your work, "said Anri Jokhadze. According to him, "Golden Wave" is on the right reels, as this radio contest is conducted by radioholding. - "The prize money is 5000 GEL, of course, a great stimulus for the winner. I am glad that Radio Holding "Fortuna" encourages Georgian musicians.

Category: Georgians / Event

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