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Designer Christian Siriano invited a model of various types of body and ethnicity to present his 2017 summer collection on New York Fashion Week. The designer's collection of the collection was inspired by the arrival of Capar Islands, which was presented with up to 50 models. Combinations and long-shirts of dresses are reminiscent of photos of 60 and 70's.

My Spring 2017 collection is perfect for a getaway on the Isle of Capri. Vintage photos from the late 60s and 70s โ€” particularly Settimio Garritanoโ€™s photos of Jackie Onassisโ€™ vacations in Capri from 1969 to 1973 โ€” inspired a cool, modern seaside collection fit for a world-traveled woman. Garritano captured Onassisโ€™ effortless chic and elegant silhouettes. The turquoise waters and citrus orange-stripe umbrella-lined beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea inspired a bright and bold color palate. In the collection are soft cotton stripes, woven raffia, textured lace, and sheer organza overlays: casual elegance for day and evening.

Category: Fashion

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