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Tadashi Shoji New York Fashion Week presents artist Wu Junyong's creative inspired evening and cocktail dresses collection, the spirit of symbolism and the nature of nature is set out with the help of precious material.

โ€œAll things change,โ€ Buddha proclaimed at the end of his earthly journey. An array of wild animals surrounded him, from sinuous snakes to fearsome tigers. You recall the story of Noahโ€™s Ark, this time as seen through the eyes of artist Wu Junyongโ€™s fantastical retelling โ€œThe Flying Ark.โ€ Watch as the creatures float upwards as if in a spiritual declaration. The playful imagery captures your dreamlike desires to rise. Look above. Take in the bright blue skies that are as vast as an ocean. The waves of clouds seem within reach. You long to be like the merciful goddesss Guanyin. She stands at the ready to lead the fallen. Glorious as the deity, your awakening begins.
โ€“ from Tadashi Shoji

Category: Fashion, Prom Dress

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