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Louis Vuitton

The designer Nicolas Ghesquière presented in Rio in Niterói's Museum of Contemporary Art Louis Vuitton, a 3rd resort collection created by him. The stunning lockers hosted up to 500 guests, and the collection was dedicated to the theme of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. The designer will also go to the Olympic-Discussions with a dressing and chess black-and-white pad showing support for the 2020 games of chess to be the Olympic sport. The guests landed helicopters and visited the sights of Rao: Koročakos Mountain, Copacabana and Ipanema. After the end of the show, the Brazilian fiery dances were drawn to the guests. The demonstration was followed by an unprecedented activity in the social network.

The collection was a delight to young people, and it was the recent sporting and grenzling trend that Louis Vuitton solidified on this trend in fashion. Collar-block dresses in the style of Scuba-Dinging costumes, equipments and parcels with deconstructed details and accessories with LV color monochrome prints and NASCAR's graphs will inherit the next year's resort collection. Nikolas says she understands Modern women who want more sports-stirring wardrobe: "I think what defines our time is that women want to look sophisticated and they want casual sports clothes-those are the two big obsessions. "

The main model of the show was Mica Arganaraz , naturally curly with the hair and bad-girl sentiment mica boldly opened the display. As if the Visagist Team did not care about the make-up of models, Paul Hanlon virtually ignored the effect of the hair dryer -but "beauty on vacation". [/B]

Exhibition space was converted into a podium, easy-to-use boxes and store chairs.

Guests in Niteroi's modern art museum

Category: Fashion

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