Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week
guest style of Georgians and international guest while attending the Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week.

November 2016
photographer: Anna Batsikadze
for www.angel.ge


Djaba Diassamidze Spring-summer 2017
Georgian designer asked his favourite Georgian Ladies to walk the catwalk in his new collection as part of the performance during the Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week.


TBILISI FASHION WEEK the most memorable looks
from Georgian Designers, 2017 spring collections.


Tbilisi Fashion Week
guest style of Georgians and international guest while attending the #14th Tbilisi Fashion Week, featuring SS'17 collections.

October 2016
photographer: Anna Batsikadze
for www.angel.ge


9 lingerie brands on Instagram
It's been a long time since the Instagram is not only a social platform for friends and selves to keep track of the latest innovations of favorite designers and brands to get familiar with the instrument - before the seasonal renewable lubes. We have 9 brands producing lingerie that are active and sophisticated instagram. They make the fridge more sensitive photos of users and we also appreciate the product presented by the brand.

“For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.”


Marloes Horst presents Eberjey's pre-spring lingerie collection in 2017. The 27-year-old model, as it turned out, was recently acquired by his former Boyfriend, 26-year-old actor Alex Petepayer. The couple revived the novel after almost a year separation, and they say they are planning to get married soon. It is worth mentioning Alexis's support to Marrows career. Former lover in social networks often shared photos from successful model campaigns and was inspired by how she was proud and always supported her. Both of them noted that in March last year, their distance was due to busy work schedule. However, we can not say that their career in 2017 has seen more time.


You will notice that the winter season of 2017 is a fashionable girl with a wizard's fur coat. One of the most appealing and classical furries of one of the many designers promotes a clear color or modern application. The fur is also a lot of selves, the followers prefer the faux fur or artificial fur, which is absolutely welcome. And yet we all know that this kind of fetish in the 90s may soon end, so the artificial fur coat is the perfect choice for a season, even in financial terms.

TREND: Fur coat
The most important is the long-awaited leopard print,
Fur bombs and colored short jumps.

Kelsey Rose bridesmaids collection


Kate Upton appears on the cover of Vogue UK

KATE UPTON is Vogue's June cover star. Photographed by Mario Testino in the Caribbean, Kate Upton understands why we compare her to Marilyn Monroe. But with all due respect, the 21-year-old Upton would like to point out a few key differences in Vogue U.K. cover story interview.

Kate Upton news

For the winter ski season, many designers and brands offer this kind of sport for lovers of fashion and simultaneously fashionable clothing. Mainly the collection dominates white and pink, colorful coats and sun glasses. The fancy of the fur and the accessories will have a great break in the middle of the day and arrive in the open-air cafe with a glinwine glass.


Gucci-მ has been entrusted with the Chinese actress NI to present a glass collection collection for the summer of 2017. The campaign will start from the next month in Asian countries. The actress, as modeled by the neon lights, is positioned in a car in the car. His personal world is decorated with feminine accessories and jewelry style, and its glasses are a simple sophisticated fashion.


Avtandil Spring/Summer 2017 RTW
The theme of the collection of the 2017 designer is "I love you"
The show was specially designed for foreigners and journalists in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Avtandil Tskvitinidze: "I have given this season love, all in its conversion, that is, as it happens, clean, clear, white, then comes sad times, then the boboker ... is absolutely all the color of the game. From the white to the fate of the bob. It was such an aggression in the last period of time, and I think it's time to tell each other that we love one another."


Lalo Spring/Summer 2017
Ready-To-Wear Collection. MBTFW

Georgian fashion designer Lalo Dolidze presented an independent collection on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Designer Sisters, who have been named by Graduated Knitted Jeppers, are producing one of the most selling products from Georgia on behalf of Lalo. Lalo continues to wear the knot, it is clear that the complete collection will benefit greatly.


on New York’s most stylish women

GUCCI ყოველთვის წარმოადგენდა Luxury ლეიბლს, ძვირფასი და ხარისხიანი იტალიური ნაწარმით. თუმცა ჯერ არ გვახსოვს ლეიბლი ასე აეტაცებინოთ street wear-ში! GUCCI-მ უკანასკნელი კოლექციით მოიგო ტრენდსეტერების გული, ჟურნალმა VOGUE 29 ნიუ იორკელი ქალი გადაიღო და გვიჩვენა, როგორ იხდენენ ისინი GUCCI-ს სამოსს ყოველდღიურ ცხოვრებაში. ნივთები მათი ბოლო კოლექციიდან დატვირთულია ნაქარგი და მეტყველი პრინტებით, მათ შექმნასა და სოციალურ ქსელში ტრენდად დანერგვაში კი რამდენიმე კრეატიულმა არტისტმა მიიღო მონაწილეობა. ჩვენს წინაშეა GUCCI - ტრადიციული GG ლოგოთი და თანამედროვე პრინტებით, Luxury in the streets.

"For me, fashion is something that makes you feel alive, that expresses something of you: if you are sad, if you are happy. Fashion is about an amazing idea that you fall in love with." ALESSANDRO MICHELE, Gucci Creative Director

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