Kendall Jenner hit Harper's Bazaar's June / July issue. In front of Karl Lagerfeld's lens, Kendall posed with balmine, Michael Cors and Chanel's swimming suits. Together with the photos, there is an interview with the model and photographer in which Kendall recalls his first meeting with Lagerfeld.

The first time I met him two years ago, I was very nervous because the first season for me was Chanel's first show and I really did not know what I was doing. Generally I am very shy when I meet someone for the first time. I know from Kare Dellein about how kind of funny and just a cool type. And now every time we work together, our relationship becomes more and more improved


The new pair of teenagers - model Jiji Hadiad and musician Zeyn Malik (formerly 1D) who have been photographed for a few months, have photographed by photographer Mario Testeno for VOGUE. Couples will decorate the edition of the American Vogue May, they are dressed in retro style Italy, on the background of the Naples seaside town.


Dolce & Gabbana offers an advertising campaign for the spring of 2016. Very colorful, happy photosynthesis is typical of Italian life with joy, silence, saklukti and of course spaghetti. Designers do not betray their style and dressing on the coffeehorn and marine themes


American model Bela Hardy was founded in the April edition of Spanish Harper's Market. Txema Yeste was photographed and Juan Cebrian took care of the style. Jewelry that are used in the photos of Dior, Bulgaria and Cartier.

Bela Hadiad Harper in the Market in April

Russian supermodel Irina Shake has been in the role of sports Iillustrated for years. Model photos are always special. With the Irina crew group for 2016, I visited the Tait Islands, exchanging photos of the photosynthesis with small sharks and fishes, and Irene positively and seductively.


The platinum-blonde model Elsa Hosk is still a promo of MVI's jeans. In the autumn-winter dynamic photography of 2016, he joined models such as Jordan Barrett and Francisco Lachowski. They are manufactured in the partnership of BRAND MAVI and Adriano Goldschmeid. MAVI jeans renovated the design and retained their specialty Indigo Move Uniforms, jeans - who have their flexible material sporting clothing. The Swede model is jeans in the promotion of the advertising campaign.


It's hard to keep an eye on Gucci's fragrance Guilty brand new ad with Jared Leto. The actress is competing with models Julia Hafstrom and Vera Van Erp. Glad Luchford is a sexy and seductive film for tangerine, peppers, lilac and lilac. Filming took place in Venice. The city where liberty was given to people's desires and passions. The director describes the intriguing, harmonious and passionate relationship of three lovers #GuiltyNotGuilty


After long waiting, American designer TOM FORD introduced a New York Fashion Week's Fall and Winter Womens 2016 collection, which was an inspiration for 70 years. The designer satisfied the demands of the people and welcomed the changes in the fashion business with the principle 'SEE NOW, BUY NOW. We will explain that the last season was missed by the New York Fashion Week, where the autumn-winter collections were presented. Instead, the designer chose the tactic to show seasonal collections and then sell it as a finished product.


The fashion trends and fashion trends are altered by the speed of lightning, but despite this variation, Michael Kors always maintains and maintains the style, this fashion week assured us that it is highly appreciated. The 2017 RTW Spring-Summer Collection was a delight to the publication. Her inspiration is that she is strong women who control everything, but they do not forget their female side, and they are confidently fluttering and provocatively. Front-row of the testimony was great for the VIP guests . The designer has traditionally invited the most popular and demanding models: Joan Smolys, Taylor Hill, Rome Strip, Bela Hardy, Kendall Jener, Julia Nobis, Mika Arganarazi, and the show by Carolyn Murphy.


The main manicure trend that has dominated the OHNE TITEL, MARC JACOBS, RODARTE and DAKS displays is a darker color blot on the short brackets. Stylists have a slight variation, and with the effect of metallic effect neil-art to maintain minimalism.


Emilia Clarke was spotted in the airport at Heathrow, London.
Lady Gaga and Brandon Maxwell on New York Fashion Week.
Angelina Jolie meeting with Syrian refugees in Jordan.
Adriana Lima to visit 'Harper's Bazaar Icons Party' in New York.
Shakira was tied to friends on the tennis court in Barcelona.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling at La La Land's premiere in Toronto.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye Waesta Noticed the departure of the hotel in New York.
Taylor Swift was spotted in New York when leaving his apartment.
Kyle Jenner 'Jonathan Simkhai' at the New York Fashion Week.
Kendall Jener Noticed Jiji Hadid's departure in New York.
Nina Dobrev on the display of 'Marchesa' within the New York Fashion Week.
Lili Oldria 'Bulgari 2016/2017 International Campaign' in New York.
Priyanka Chopra Attending 'Altuzarra' at the New York Fashion Week.
Miranda Kerry in shopping along with friends in the streets of California.
Jessica Alba and Ross Hettington-Whitley Ralph Lauren's testimony.
Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConnell and Riz Wieserpoon at the Toronto Film Festival.
Natalie Portman Film 'Jackie' premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Dooune Cruz, Carly Claus, Naomi Campbell and Emily Ratajkowski on charity event.
Paparazzi Photos: 9-14

ენჯელ.ჯი-ს ექსკლუზიური ინტერვიუ რუსეთსა და მილანში მოღვაწე დამწყებ დიზაინერ სესილი კემულარიასთან. წარმოშობით ქართველი გოგონა, რომელიც მოსკოვის სახელმწიფო უნივესიტეტის პოლიტიკის ფაკულტეტიდან მილანის მარანგონის მოდის სკოლაში მოხვდა. ბრენდი Cécile-ს დამკვიდრებას ის თბილისიდან დაიწყებს, მოდის კვირეული და ბუტიკი თბილისში მშვენიერი სტარტია.


Tony Garney was spotted at '2016 Angel Ball' in New York.
Bela Hadady at the entrance to the sport hall, in New York.
Marion Kodari and Brad Pitt on the film 'Allied' 'photo cam in Paris.
Claire Dennis and Hugh Dennis walked on the streets of New York.
Emma Roberts was caught in the streets of California when leaving the restaurant.
Jessica Alba with her husband and children noticed in the streets of Los Angeles.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Catcher were photographed in the streets of California.
Demi Lovato reached the business meeting in West Hollywood.
Neal Horan and James Bey on the red carpet of '2016 American Music Awards'.
Heidi Klum and Methi Bomer American Music Awards, in Los Angeles.
Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez '2016 American Music Awards' in Los Angeles.
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham attend 'Global Gift Gala' in London.
Khloe and Courtney Kardashians with her mother, 2016 Angel Ball, in New York.
Jiji Hadiad on the red carpet of '2016 American Music Awards' in Los Angeles.
Nina Dobrev and Ariana Grande on the red carpet of '2016 American Music Awards'.
Beat Princello and Carly Kloss '2016 American Music Awards' in Los Angeles.
Adriana Lima is preparing for the 'Victoria Sick' show in the New York City.
Paparazzi Photos: 16-22

Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week
guest style of Georgians and international guest while attending the Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week.

November 2016
photographer: Anna Batsikadze
for www.angel.ge


Djaba Diassamidze Spring-summer 2017
Georgian designer asked his favourite Georgian Ladies to walk the catwalk in his new collection as part of the performance during the Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week.

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